Hem Att guida Kurser Länkar Dokument Om oss Omdömen Antonello Motta Guide i Stockholm sedan 2007   “I really want to thank two people here. In my life I have had so many teachers. And I am a very lucky person because the most of them had been very good ones.  Today I want to thank two people, who taught me how to be a tourist guide. Especially today I could appreciate how important are the things they taught me.  We know how TO BEHAVE with tourists, how to lead a group of people with elegance and paying attention to our colleagues who are before us or after us, respecting their spaces and the spaces of our guests. We know how to make them laugh.  We know how to structure a whole day of guiding, being flexible and not being afraid of changing things or improvising last minute.  Sorry to say, but very few guides in Stockholm have these qualities. I saw today (as I have already seen millions of times) that the most of them really don't care about the others (both their guests and their colleagues) and think that "bubbling" two stories about kings and statues means guiding.  But all of us who have studied with you, Othmar Englund and Maja Englund, are well aware that being a guide means so much more.  That is why I thank you from my heart.” Omdömen